Experience the comfort of a Reiki session in Burnsville, Minneapolis & Bloomington, MN

Motivation Workshops

Speaking/Motivation Workshops

Help your team shine by working with a motivational speaker.

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Grow with the support of an integrative wellness coaching pro.

Step Into the Light


You may be overwhelmed, stressed, and wondering where you should be in this life. You're seeking a whole life filled with happiness and purpose. You want to be healthier, more confident and more successful. With integrative wellness coaching you dive into the whole you; body, mind, and spirit, breaking down barriers one at a time. It's your time to light your fire.

Lyndsey Reece is a reputable integrative wellness coach based in Burnsville, Bloomington, MN. She provides coaching and other supportive services at Empowered Wellness. You can trust her to help you take control of your life and light your flame. Email Lyndseyshealingcorner@gmail.com to book an appointment right away.

energy healing practice

Discover what you can do with Empowered Wellness

You can trust us to help you reach for your personal, career, health and finance goals through integrative wellness coaching. You have the opportunity to take advantage of many other services here, too.

At Empowered Wellness, you can participate in:


Reiki healing:

You can schedule 30- to 45-minute energy healing sessions of Reiki. Wellness Coach Lyndsey Reece will lead each Reiki session, providing calmness and one-on-one attention.


Wellness and integrative wellness coaching

You'll benefit from personalized counseling with wellness coaching and integrative wellness coaching. You will find a partner with the client to help navigate through life's challenges.


Motivational speaking

Your group or professional organization will experience the support of a motivational speaker. She'll draw on years of experience to bring out their drive. You can also schedule an interactive workshop..

To find out more about our services, including integrative wellness coaching and Reiki, contact wellness coach Lyndsey Reece today at Lyndseyshealingcorner@gmail.com. We serve clients within 50 miles of Burnsville, Minneapolis & Bloomington, MN