Seeking Guidance on Your Wellness Journey?

Participate in integrative wellness coaching in Burnsville, Minneapolis & Bloomington, MN

When you’re on your way to better wellness, you shouldn’t have to travel alone. You can seek guidance through integrative wellness coaching.

You can turn to integrative wellness coach Lyndsey Reece, the founder of Empowered Wellness. We offer integrative wellness coaching within 50 miles of Burnsville, Minneapolis & Bloomington, MN. We invite you to work with her and:

  • Examine the big picture of your life
  • Break down your life goals
  • Explore your talents and skills
  • Reach your goals with support

Lyndsey Reece is dedicated to helping you shine your brightest. You can trust her to support your growth process. Email Lyndseyshealingcorner@gmail.com to arrange for a meeting right away.

integrative wellness coaching

You can meet your life goals with confidence

You have big ideas, but maybe you need support to realize your goals. You can find that here. As an integrative wellness coach, Lyndsey Reece will be your ally. She'll help you move forward, reach for your ideals and exceed your goals.

Find your inner flame!

Feeling overwhelmed with the demands of life? Feeling stuck in reaching your goals? Life can be tough, setting barriers in our way and demanding more of our time and energy. As a professional and as a mother I have experienced this in many areas of my life.

Hi, I am Lyndsey, and I am an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. I work with women trying to find their inner fire, breaking past the barriers set in their lives to live out their purpose. Together as partners, we explore your strengths, values, and inner wisdom to find your ways to grow in mind, body, and spirit. Through holistic coaching, women are empowered to follow their own intuition to break down the barriers and find their inner flame. I would love to walk with you in this part of your journey.

Individual Health Coaching Pricing

  • Pre-session Consultation

    • 20 mins
    • Free

  • Initial Session and Intake

    • 90 minutes
    • $100

  • Follow up Session

    • 45-60 minutes
    • $60

  • Three Session Package I |Intro and 2 Follow-up sessions|

    • $200 (normally $220)

  • Three Session Package II |3 Follow-up sessions|

    • $160 (normally $180)


Group Health Coaching Pricing

Price varies on group size and duration of the group

  • $90/hour